Hey, this photo is © by Johnny Millar

Commonly asked questions (or an excuse to get in words that search engines like!)……


Hello Johnny Millar – do we call you John or Johnny?

– Happily answer to both !

What do you do?

-Take photographs, lots of photographs – portraits, lifestyle, landscapes,reportage, commercial, industrial, events and things.

I see, how long have you done that?

– I’ve been freelance and based in London since 1st September 1987 – that’s nearly 28 years!

Where will you go to take photographs?

– All over the UK, Europe, the USA and the world – so anywhere really.

Will you take photographs for us?

– Certainly! – I work for editorial and other publications, advertising and PR agencies, design studios and a whole host of commercial companies and organizations – no one is getting away from it!

How do we hire you?

– We would be DELIGHTED. Contact either John or Rachel, by phone or email, the details are all on the contact page.

Will you help with ideas and suggest styles?

– Oh yes! absolutely – but if you already know exactly what you need, we will do everything to make it work.

We work closely with designers, marketeers, agency folk and journalists.

Are you easily available?

– Call now and find out!……